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Fishing Information

Being a full time fishing guide, I can't let the weather keep me at the dock.  Over my 30 years of fishing on Dale Hollow Lake, I have learned many techniques so I can adapt to every season and weather condition.  This page outlines my favorite techniques to use during the different seasons for  Dale Hollow Smallmouth.

Winter Fishing

Winter fishing presents challenges for both the fish and the fisherman.  With cold water temperatures and sometimes frigid air temperatures, you will wonder why you are even on the water.  However, if you can brave the elements you could be greatly rewarded.  Winter fishing is typically when the big ones are caught. 

Techniques for Winter smallmouth include the Float n Fly, Silver Buddy, and live bait. 

Spring Fishing

Spring is transition time on Dale Hollow.  As the water temps go up the fish get more active.  This is when you can get into some numbers.  If you hit the right time, you might get tired of reeling them in.

Techniques for Spring include hair jigs, curly tail grubs, topwater, and crankbaits.

Summer Fishing

When summer rolls around, the lights come on.  The hot and humid temperatures make it miserable during the day so I start night fishing.  If you have never done it, it is an exciting way to fish for bass.  Using black lights and florescent line, you just wait for the tap and hold on tight...

Techniques for summer fishing include hair jigs, Texas rigged worms, and spinnerbaits .

Fall Fishing

Fall is a wonderful time of year on Dale Hollow.  The falling temperatures take away the crowds on the lake and add some brilliant colors to the surrounding trees.  The fish are still deep at this time from the hot summer days, but I know how the get them out.

Techniques for fall fishing include hair jigs, silver buddies, and live bait.

Dale Hollow Sunset

Hair Jig





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