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Rates & Details

The following is a list of my rates for guide trips along with other information on items provided and other items to bring.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call on my toll free number.



1/2 Day Trip


Full Day Trip


1/2 Night Trip


3/4 Night Trip


Full Night Trip


Guide Trip Details

  • Full day guide trips start around 7 AM and go until 5 PM.
  • Half day trips normally start at 7 AM and go until lunch time.
  • Half night trips start around 8 PM and go until Midnight.
  • Three Quarter night trips start around 8 PM and go until 2 AM.
  • Full night trips go from 6 PM and go until 2 AM.
  • These times are subject to change some depending on time of year and other conditions.


  I fish from a 21 foot Triton bass boat that is set up to fish 2 people plus me.

  You can bring your own tackle or you can use mine.

  Plan to dress according to weather conditions.  If you are coming during the spring or fall, bring clothing for both temperature extremes.  Also, keep in mind that summer nights are a little cool at times, so throw in a jacket. 

  Always throw in a raincoat if you have one. 

  I provide soft drinks, water, and snacks (mostly packaged crackers) in the boat. 

  I take digital pictures on the boat but it is still a good idea for you to bring your own camera.


This site is under construction but will be updated very soon with fishing information, weather, pictures, etc.  Please check back often.

You can contact Ralph by calling toll free: